DI Skin Health and Referral Center (DISHARC) is the organizer of the 1st International Conference on eHealth and Tele-Health (ICEHAT). We firmly believe that this conference will enhance the concept of eHealth and Tele-health in the field of healthcare in Nepal and facilitate knowledge dissemination.

ICEHAT will provide a platform for scholars and professionals to exchange the experiences and latest research results, and will encourage young talents to engage in international academic events and build their networks in eHealth and Tele-health.

DISHARC, through its sister organization, Community Health Educational Services by Tele-health (CHEST) launched an initiative to change the way people access healthcare in Nepal. Our initiative has recently been awarded by Pierre Fabre Foundation, France.


Through years of effort, the DISHARC has been continuously growing and expanding. Established in 2010, we have a team of 15 doctors including 13 dermatologists, a pathologist, a physician and 30 management staffs, having an area of 15000 square feet at present, located in Maharajgunj, the embassy area of Kathmandu, treating 300 to 400 patientsin the outpatient department per day.

DISHARC has alreadry served more than a hundred and fifty  thousand patients till date, incorporates well known and proficient team of 13 dermatologists, pathologists and physicians well managed by a dexterous team of management.

DISHARC is aimed at building its own initiative in healthcare systems in Nepal. We assure that all the keynote speakers and participants would go back with enriched perspective of healthcare and innovative use of ICT.

For further details on the ICEHAT, kindly contact us  at:


DI Skin Health and Referral Center (DISHARC)

Address  Maharajgunj-03, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact No. 01-4721900/ 01-4721500

Message From Organizing Committee

  • Organizing Chairperson
  • Organizing Secretary Medical
  • Organizing Secretary IT
  • Scientific Committe Chairperson
  • Registration Reception And Hospitality Chairperson
  • Finance Committee Chairperson


Prof. Dr. Anil Kumar Jha

Founder Chairman, DISHARC / CHEST

We cordially invite all guest speakers, delegates & participants interested in sharing their knowledge & research in the area of medical multi-specialty & information technology (Telehealth & E-Health like Teledermatology, Telemedicine, Telesurgery,Telenursing & others).


1st International Conference on E-Health And Telehealth (ICEHAT) November 1-3, 2018, is an unique & innovative type of conference to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal. Initiation of this conference is the byproduct of the functioning of Community Health Educational Services by Telehealth (CHEST) Nepal operated through DISHARC.


Idea of ICEHAT 2018 is adapted after receiving International Global South Health Observatory Award 2017 presented by Pierre Fabre Foundation, Lavaur, France.


We anticipate more than 300 participants around the globe with thought provoking oral, video & poster presentations.


This is an excellent opportunity for the delegates from universities & institutes to interact with the world class scientists.  The intending participants can confirm their participation by registering for the conference. November 1st & 2nd will be the full day conference. November 3rd will be the business meet for forming an international committee of ICEHAT.


The main theme of the conference is "Reaching the unreached community through  e-Health and Telehealth". Therefore the focus of this conference would be for ultimate benefit to the deprived community of this world through the advanced medical information technology.


Welcome to Nepal, the country of Mount Everest & warm hospitality. My sincere thanks to all the members of ICEHAT 2018 organizing committee, the national & international partners, advisors & sponsors for their kind co-operation to make the upcoming ICEHAT 2018 a successful one.



Dr. Sagar Mani Jha

Associate Professor

It gives me immense pleasure to conduct First International Conference on E-Health And Telehealth (ICEHAT) 2018 as Organizing Secretary. In a country like Nepal where terrain is difficult and medical facility is not available at all places Telehealth can be one of the major means to reach the people in the need of medical support. All credits to DISHARC for taking a step forward and reaching the unreached and unattended people in the rural areas in the mountains and Terai region. The conference is going to be a land mark event because firstly, this is the first international conference of its kind and secondly, it is going to bring a lot of new and innovative ideas which is ultimately going to benefit the patients in need and thirdly this conference will give opportunity to the delegates to interact with world renowned experts of this field. This blend of medical skill and Information Technology will go a long way in the field of patient care. I am looking forward for the grand success of this important event.

Bhagirath Tiwari


On behalf of the Organizing committee-IT, I warmly invite you to be part of the 1st International Conference on eHealth and Tele-health - ICEHAT 2018 that will take place in beautiful city Kathmandu and to share your latest achievements, findings and innovations with the technical and medical community.


Every day, the world is becoming more interconnected, automated and intelligent. Healthcare services across the globe are rapidly being digitized, becoming available 24/7 and transforming traditional healthcare services into smarter products that allow us to communicate and interact with each other in entirely new ways. The ability to deliver to the patients and healthcare professionals the functionality provided by the technology as part of an integrated services is decisive in distinguishing healthcare institutions that can evolve from those that are stagnating. 


We, through the ICEHAT, are trying our best in transforming the Latest Buss word of ICT… is the key success factor to mastering above mentioned abilities and giving the maximum output.


ICEHAT is aimed at addressing major factors and elements of eHealth and Tele-health revolution....Building our own initiative in healthcare systems in Nepal. We assure that all the keynote speakers and participants would go back with enriched perspective of healthcare and innovative use of ICT. 


Within this exciting and dynamic field, the conference provides a science-to-science and science-to-industry platform for knowledge exchange and interactions to discuss the latest scientific findings, industrial progress and policy landscape through keynote and plenary presentations as well as moderated poster presentations in specialized thematic sessions.


Responding to requirements from the rural community, the ICEHAT Conference might address all different challenges of the healthcare issues with an updated and refined structure the topics addressing the latest challenges, developments and trends for eHealth and Tele-health. Against this background, the ICEHAT conference aims to provide insights into cutting edge technologies as well as on the appropriate approaches to deliver sustainable solutions to the healthcare systems in Nepal.



Dr. Shristi Shrestha,

Associate Professor,

Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital,

Kathmandu, Nepal.

Dear friends and colleagues,

Telehealth and e-health is not just a trend in health care it is the future of health care.


Join us for the 1st ICEHAT on November, 2018 where you will find a scientific program pertaining to incorporation of electronic communication and information technology in health.


In a developing country like ours telehealth and e-helath are in the infant phase and we have a long way to go before we could incorporate these technologies into our health services.


This conference aims at inviting keynote speakers from all around the globe with expertise on telehealth and e-health to share their knowledge and experiences. We hope this forum would  be a great chance for us to gain knowledge about this aspect of health so we can embrace these proven telehealth technologies in our practice for the betterment of health care givers, health care seekers and the society eventually.


Besides, this conference would be an excellent opportunity to visit Kathmandu and see this city of temples.


Best regards, looking forward to seeing you in Kathmandu.



Dr.Mahesh Shah

Sr. Cons. Dermatoligist & Leprologist , DISHARC

It is our great pleasure to invite you ICHAT 2018. On behalf of registration committee, we request you to register early and make sure your participation in the conference. This is an unique opportunity to visit and share your experience on this occasion.


We look forward your cooperation and grand success of the conference.



Rishee Prasad Sapkota

Director, DISHARC

It is my pleasure to be a part of the first international Conference on e-Health and Tele-health (ICEHAT) 2018 to be organized by DI Skin Health and Referral Center (DISHARC) in 1-3 November 2018 in Kathmandu, the capital city of Himalayan country Nepal. We will be delighted to welcome our national and international guests in the autumn season, the transition from summer to winter, and the temperature cools down considerably and the weather is so glorious in Kathmandu.  


This is the one event that brings global digital health professionals together to network, connect, and learn from one another. With in-demand keynote presenters, expert panelists, and leading-edge vendors, e-Health always delivers great education and networking opportunities. I hope, delegates will engage with current and future leaders at the Conference and network with old and new colleagues in this conference.


Resource management is a challenging work to organize such an international event and it is more challenging to accomplish such an event successfully. I have full confidence with the team under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Anil Kumar Jha, who has already organized such events successfully. In addition to, I hope, we will be able to receive outstanding support and contributions from our national and international partners, sponsors and delegates for mutual benefit from such an international event.


We look forward to seeing all the participants in the event in next year's must attend event as we showcase the success stories, products, new ideas, and amazing people leading the way on Nepal’s digital health journey.



Recognize Us

Event Partners

ICEHAT Founding Executive Body Members

Executive Body of International Committee of e-Health and Tele-Health (ICEHAT)




Membership No.

ICEHAT Guidance Counselor Prof. Guenter Burg Switzerland 01
President Prof. Anil Kumar Jha Nepal 02
Vice President Prof. Huiting Dong China 03
Dr. Pirkko Kouri Finland 04
Secretary General Assoc. Prof. Shristi Shrestha (Medical) Nepal 05
Mr. Bhagirath Tiwari (IT) Nepal 06
Joint Secretary Ms. Perrine Legoullon France 23
Dr. Adarsh Kumar Jha Nepal 07
Executive Members Prof. Ousmane Faye Mali 08
Prof. Sudha Agrawal Nepal 09
Prof. Sabina Bhattarai Nepal 10
Dr. Christa Nahodil Austria 11
Asst. Prof. Dr. Victoria Williams USA 12
Mrs. Beatrice Garrette France 13
Dr. Giovanni Damiani Italy 14
Dr. Sagar Mani Jha Nepal 15
Dr. Smita Joshi Nepal 16
Mr. Sanjay Jha Nepal 17
Mr. Chandreshwor Singh India 18
Media and Communication Officiate Mr. Michael Chand Nepal 20
Administrative Officiates Mr. Rishee Prasad Sapkota Nepal 19
Mr. Rupesh Manandhar Nepal 21
Mr. Niranjan Kumar Sah Nepal 22


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