Prof. Gunter Burg


Günter Burg received his training in medicine and dermatology in Germany and was appointed professor and chairman of the departments of Dermatology of the University in Wurzburg/Germany 1988-1991 and in Zürich 1991-2006. He has been vice-dean and dean respectively of the Faculty of Medicine in Zürich 1998-2004. He has organized the harmonization of the learning objectives for Dermatology in the Swiss Catalogue of Learning Objectives and is the principle editor of DOIT, Dermatology Online with Interactive Technology, a Swiss Virtual Campus project (#991017). He currently is a delegate of the “Foundation for Modern Teaching and Learning in Medicine” at the University medical School in Zürich.


1960 – 1966 University Schools of Medicine (Bonn, Marburg)
1967 – 1968 Training in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Pathology
1969 – 1988 Department of Dermatology, University of Munich
1971 Postgraduate Fellowship, NYU, New York (1971)
1988 – 1991 Chairman of the Department of Dermatology, University School of Medicine, Wurzburg/Germany
1991 – 2006 Chairman of the Department of Dermatology, University School of Medicine Zurich/Switzerland
1998 – 2000 Vice Dean Medical Faculty, University of Zurich
since 1999 Member of the Steering Committee of the University Hospital of Zurich
1999 – 2000 President of the Promotions Committee of the Medical Faculty of the, University of Zurich
2000 – 2004 Dean of the Medical Faculty, University of Zurich
2006 Emeritus Dermatology
2006       Chairman of the E-Learning Task Force of the Dermatologic Societies of      Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Main Fields of Interest

  • Clinical Dermatology; Dermatopathology
  • Investigational Dermatology with special reference to Dermato-oncology (Cutaneous lymphomas, malignant melanoma and epithelial tumors)
  • First unit for Mohs surgery in 1970 in Europe (Munich)
  • E-Learning, E-Consulting, Telemedicine

Publications Journals
Over 740 (456 original articles; 146 review articles; 139 book chapters). Editing or co-editing over 30 books and monographs


Member of the LEOPOLDINA (German Academy of Scientists)
Doctor honoris causa of the Medical University of Sofia (2005)
Visiting Professor, Medical University Kathmandu, Nepal



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